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You deserve a better dating app,
so we made one for you

We see you. Groaning over that inbox, agonizing over that profile, throwing your phone in the toilet because love is dead and every dating app out there is an impersonal, exhausting slog where it feels like a full-time job just to get from the first tedious text to the next disappointing date.

This was supposed to be fun, right?

Let's turn those sad vibes into rad vibes.

...OK but like,
how does it work?

Like Tinder, but with questions instead of bios and video messaging instead of text.

Your question is a built-in conversation starter. Choose one you like or get creative and write your own. No more cheesy pickup lines, no more bland “hey, how r u?” openers, no more stressing over what to say first. You and your match have something to talk about right off the bat, every time. You’re welcome.

More chemistry
than Walter White

Messages are comfortably pixelated, so you won’t feel self-conscious (let's be real, we don't all wake up like Beyoncé) but can easily read each other's facial expressions and get a sense of how you, um... what's the word? Vibe.

After the first exchange, you're free to toggle pixelation on & off for your own messages whenever. So, no, you won't get catfished. But you will find out if there's chemistry.

Get you an app that can do both.

Feel the vibes

TL;DR we just saved you from 69 million bad dates with people who have the text game of a god and the IRL personality of a wet graham cracker. Bless.